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X-ALT Quartet
10611 FM 740
Forney, TX 75126


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  1. Hello,
    We met at Dave Reagan’s conference last summer in July where my husband Alan was a speaker. I was wondering how you are getting on with the song I gave you. If it’s recorded anywhere, I would like to buy some copies.
    By the way, I filmed a few minutes of your group on my Ipad at the conference, and we later went to Israel, where our grandchildren kept listening to you! They loved your music.
    Best regards from Pat Franklin

    1. We have not recorded it yet. We have given it to a friend of ours that is a songwriter/arranger to get a mix that fits our blend. Thanks for the comment!!

  2. It was great seeing you gentlemen at the GMAA Convention. Ya’ll sounded amazing. Was thinking about you all, and wanted to just pray a prayer of Joy and blessings on your group! Hope to see you guys sometime soon!

    Les Pratt

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